Perry Adam Lieber Discusses Essentials You Should Keep In Your Gym Bag

Perry Lieber
5 min readFeb 25, 2022

As a dedicated gym-goer, you should always have the essentials in your bag so you can hit the gym whenever the urge strikes. Certain items, Perry Adam Lieber, a Santa Barbara, CA, personal trainer, are crucial regardless of your routine because they will help with any workout. Any other personal effects, such as protein powder or shampoo, are nice to have but are not necessarily essential to have in your gym bag.

One of the most important things you can have is a combination lock. If you’re using a traditional workout place, it’s always nice to be able to leave your belongings at your locker without worrying about them being swiped. Even if you go the extra mile and invest in a special waterproof case for your phone, sometimes leaving it unattended still isn’t enough because other people may come along and want to share the space with you.

Here are a few more essential items you should keep in your gym bag

Workout Clothing

According to Perry Adam Lieber, you should always have at least one extra change of clothing in your bag to wear to the gym. You never know when you might get sweaty enough that you need to take off your current outfit and put on a new set.

The important thing is to ensure that none of this clothing has holes or tears, so it doesn’t cause any unnecessary distractions while working out.

Water Bottle

As we all know, water is necessary for survival, and it’s also essential to drink plenty of it when working out. Having a reusable bottle will ensure you stay hydrated throughout your workout, which means more energy and better results.

Sneakers or Running Shoes

If you’re planning on lifting weights or hitting the treadmill, then proper footwear is required. When possible, try to go barefoot because this can help strengthen your muscles and tendons and improve your range of motion.

Bluetooth Headphones

As long as you make sure your phone is fully charged, then according to Perry Adam Lieber, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of wireless headphones for workouts. This way, you can focus on the music instead of wasting time looking at your device. Don’t forget that you’ll need a case that can keep these secure and dry.


It would be best if you always had a stick of deodorant with you because even though going to the gym means smelling less sweat, according to Perry Adam Lieber, it also leaves room for more potent smells from perfumes and colognes worn by others. If possible, bring along an extra shirt just in case someone accidentally spills their bottle of Eau du Skunk on yours when they’re using the locker next to yours.

Workout Logs

Even though it’s tempting to go online and track your progress, having some workout logs in your bag is a smart idea. If you’re not carrying any electronic devices with you while working out, then keeping these simple pen and paper logs will be perfect for jotting down numbers so you can look back on them later.


It would be best if you had something to clean up any sweat. You should bring an extra towel that doesn’t smell too much because the last thing you want is for your gym buddies to turn down their noses at you while they’re working out.

Towel Clips

Even though it might seem like a silly item, having some clips so you can hang your wet towel in your locker means not having to worry about it touching anything else or getting dirty. It also allows other people to contribute, so there’s less of the gross gym towel no one wants to touch on the floor when cleaning takes place.

Hair Ties and a Brush

If you’re a lady, then chances are the hair tie, and the brush will be essentials for you. Double-check to make sure that none of these things have those annoying metal pieces on them because those could break your headphones. If necessary, it’s also a good idea to bring along some deodorant and face wipes or baby wipes so you can keep yourself smelling fresh and looking like someone who belongs in an Instagram post every time you hit the gym.

Activity Specific Essentials

If you’re a runner, it’s smart to have a few essentials specific to the sport. A watch for measuring both time and distance is one of these essential items. Water is also an important part of running, so bringing along a water bottle would be helpful.

Waterproof Case

Keeping your phone in a waterproof case while exercising can allow you to take calls from friends who want to know how many miles you’ve clocked so far. It also lets you snap some pictures if there’s something aesthetically pleasing going on around your route that could make for an interesting picture or video.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are important because they provide traction and offer proper support that regular tennis shoes lack when used for running purposes. If necessary, bring along extra laces as well as socks because if your shoelace breaks, then you’ll need something to tie them up with until you can get home.


Sandbags are great for use when lifting weights because they force their weight to be distributed in specific places throughout the body depending on how they’re held. If using one of these, make sure that your hands are clean, or else they could break open and expose sharp metal pieces inside.

Lacrosse Ball

Having a lacrosse ball is important for anyone who needs some stretching after hitting the gym hard. This will help provide relief for tired muscles, so there’s no stiffness.

Final Thoughts

As long as you keep these items in mind when packing your bag before heading out to work out, then you’ll never have to worry about what you might need or lack. Take some time to pack appropriately, and you’ll always be ready to head out for a night of working on your fitness as long as everything is kept safe inside the gym bag.



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