How to Fit Working Out Into Your Busy Schedule by Perry Adam Lieber

Perry Lieber
4 min readSep 13, 2021

Most Americans do not meet the basic fitness goal of 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. They may believe that they are too busy to accomplish this goal, and they may feel stressed and unable to take the time they need for themselves.

Perry Adam Lieber, a fitness industry entrepreneur from Santa Barbara, CA, offers helpful suggestions for busy people who want to fit exercise into their routines.

Why is Exercise Important?

One of the biggest benefits of exercise is that it increases cardiovascular health. You will be less likely to develop heart disease if you exercise regularly. You may also lose weight, which is an intervention that can cause many significant benefits throughout the body. Obesity can lead to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, joint pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, and many other conditions.

Reduce Sedentary Behavior

It has been said that “sitting is the new smoking.” Most people are sedentary during the workday and at home. Exercise does not negate the damage you do to your body when you sit excessively. Every hour, get up at least five times, walking around for several minutes. You may want to get a standing desk or a treadmill desk for your office to get the maximum benefit.

Most Beneficial Types of Exercise

All types of exercise are beneficial. Moderate physical activity is best for maintaining your health. Yoga and stretching should be incorporated into your routine. Still, you may need to supplement your body with cardio exercises unless you sweat and give your body a resistance workout.

Excellent cardio exercises include brisk walking, running, biking, and aerobic dancing. Strength training is also beneficial and can lead to more weight loss than cardio alone.

Exercise “Snacks”

Even if you do not have time to exercise for a full half-hour every day, it is possible to break this down into exercise “snacks.” Fitting in a five-minute walk several times per day or climbing the stairs at work instead of using the elevator can be equally useful in promoting overall health.

If you make time to exercise in small bursts throughout the day, you will have more opportunities to destress, clear your mind, and take important breaks from work. Taking breaks is associated with better work performance, especially if you get away from your computer and away from your desk. Take a friend with you, and you will both experience the benefits.

Weekend Warriors

It is possible to be a “weekend warrior” and get more physical activity on days when you are not working, but for the maximum benefit of exercise, you need to do it every day. A few examples of activities you could take up on the weekend include hiking, mountain biking, and swimming.

Tricks to Increase Exercise

If you typically sit down and watch television after work, consider getting a stationary bike or treadmill and working out while you catch up on your shows. This will give you the physical activity you need while allowing you to indulge in one of your favorite activities.

Park further away from your office or stores. Walk briskly while you are in parking lots or big box stores. Use these opportunities to increase the overall amount of physical activity you receive during an ordinary day.

If you are with your children after work and on the weekends, Perry Adam Lieber notes that exercising with them can be a great example for their future in addition to promoting your health. Play a few soccer games in the yard, introduce them to aerobics, or even play a dance video game. Children need to burn off energy and improve their physical health just like adults. Children who exercise frequently are more likely to escape serious health consequences later in life.

Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle for Busy People

Our bodies were not designed to be sedentary. People need to keep moving to stay healthy. Even if you are busy, it is vital to strive for at least 30 minutes of physical activity once a day. If you want even more health benefits, try for an hour every day. This can be broken down into manageable chunks if you cannot devote the full hour to exercise each time.

Having an established exercise routine helps with stress management, preventing and, in some cases reversing chronic health issues and providing a more positive outlook on life. Exercise is a key part of work-life balance for many people, and those who believe that they are too busy to exercise should carefully think about how they can fit it into their lives.

Perry Adam Lieber understands that it is difficult to find time for exercise, but the health benefits outweigh the inconvenience of including exercise in your daily routine. He believes that everyone needs to get moving and that it is possible to reverse serious health problems if you achieve a high standard of physical fitness.



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